15 December 2014

Storms Over the Capertee Valley, photos by Virginia Hollister

Photos taken from Pearsons Lookout.  A few minutes later, storm drifting east and second storm converging.

18 August 2014

26 June 2014

Tree Ferns on Genowlan Mountain, NSW

In deep fissures on Genowlan Mountain, huge tree ferns and many other plants survive

05 June 2014

From the Kurrajongs, photos by Mary Thirlwall

Photos take from the 'Kurrajongs' property located in the Capertee Valley near Genowlan Mountain

Captures the mood of the May afternoon - low cloud, sunlight on magnificent escarpment and clear blue sky.

12 May 2014

A two night stay in the homestead in Capertee National Park

Ours was a group of 3 couples.  we found the homestead both comfortable and warm as we made good use of the large open fire and the firewood supplied.

Kitchen facilities were good, a large gas range which all agreed was great and 2 fridges were more than adequate.  The large dining table was well used.  Two bathrooms serve the 4 bedrooms.

The park speaks for itself in the accompanying photos. Lookouts were great over the surrounding mountains and the river scenes relaxing.  Lookouts, ruins, walks, mountain bikes, easy 4WD and a camping area with a loo.

While the park notes say a lot of it is 4WD, most  of it can be traversed in a sedan with good ground clearance.

I have been to this park at most seasons of the year and like them all.  This trip was in May and we found it perfect.

Details available from NPWS at Mudgee (phone 6370 9000) or Blackheath (phone 4787 8877).  Entry is by coded padlock on Port Macquarie Road.

Enjoy, we did