22 February 2011

Glen Davis Shale Oil Works from the air, Capertee Valley NSW

This derelict shale works are privately owned and tours are available each Saturday at 2pm from the gates

18 February 2011

Capertee Valley, photo from Pearsons Lookout

Prominent in the photo is Pantonys Crown, probably the crown referred to in Henry Lawson's poem 'Song of the old bullock driver'.

14 February 2011

View of two valleys

Top left, The Nile, on the left is the Capertee Valley and on the right is the Wolgan Valley.

08 February 2011

Is This Mining?

While outside the Capertee Valley, this photo was taken South heading towards Lithgow.  I understand that the rock fall is the result of longwall mining.

Wollemi National Park and Dunville Loop

This aerial photo was shot from Mt Marsden and is looking East into the Dunvill Loop with the National park beyond.

07 February 2011

Capertee from the air

Glen Davis Road meets the Castlereagh Highway on left of photo, the hotel is the red roof in the centre

05 February 2011

Plants of the Capertee Valley

Grass Tree and Burrawang amid typical vegetation on the hillsides of Capertee Valley.  Photo by Wendy Williams