12 December 2011

Wasp dragging a big fat spider, Capertee Valley

This colourful fellow dragging a large fat spider.was spotted in the Capertee National Park  by some kids 

26 October 2011

Wedgetail eagles nest, photo by Glenda Gorrell

I took these photos last Saturday at a location not far from home.
The Wedge Tail Eagle nests here every year and rears two chicks
Only one is visible as I had difficulty climbing down the escarpment. 

12 October 2011

Echidna in the Capertee Valley

Rare that I have been able to see an Echidna not curled up in a spiky ball.

01 October 2011

Winners of 2011 Capertee Challenge, Capertee Valley NSW

Winners of the 2011 Capertee Challenge, 1st was Adam  Keithley No 1 and  2nd was Ben Pirie No 14  both from Mudgee, NSW.

 3rd   was Mike Ford No 5  from Sydney, 

 1st Female  Kerrie Hile No 24 from Dungog} and
 1st  Social Course was Tony Shaw No 16

note the cameras on the helmets, enough battery for about 3 hours filming

26 July 2011

Capertee National Park, Capertee Valley

Capertee National Park  lookout view
Looking towards Mt Airly

Tree Planting assisted by the Landrover Club

In all the Birds Australia tree planting weekends that I can remember, the Land Rover Club has provided valuable backup with volunteer transport by delivering plants to the planting site and provision of water to water the plants after planting.   Bruce

Photo by Dean Ingwersen

05 June 2011

The Bogee Bogged Vehicle Award 2010

Awarded to Ian Henry at the Bogee Rural Fire Service Christmas party.  Four vehicles bogged in less than four hours, A Nissan patrol, a Landcruiser ute, a  Jeep and a tractor.  Congratulations Ian.

31 May 2011

Dwelling in Shale Mining Heritage Airly Village, Capertee Valley NSW

Most of the dwellings in Airly Village are hard to find and need someone to record them on a GPS

06 May 2011

John Thirlwall, owner of Glen Davis shale oil site

John Thirwell owns the now derelict shale oil works at Glen Davis.  Inspections of the remaining buildings are conducted at 2pm each Saturday.  People wishing to jouin the tours should enquire at Glen Davis Community Centre or meet the tour leader at the gates to the site.  Photo by Bruce Upton

Frill Necked Lizard

These guys look fearsome but are harmless, the frills lie flat along the body until disturbed. Photo Bruce Upton

04 April 2011

Couple at Pearsons Lookout, Capertee Valley

Following the community clean-up of Pearsons Lookout on Sunday 3rd April 2011, this couple were the first to benefit from the hard work of community members from Capertee and the Capertee Valley

20 March 2011

FROG, Capertee Valley

Numerous frogs are attracted to window glass at night when there is a light behind as the light attracts small insects for the frogs to eat.

17 March 2011

Capertee Railway Station

The station has become run down and needs work to restore it to a presentable state.  It was thought to be for sale not so long ago.  The railway dates back to 1882

22 February 2011

Glen Davis Shale Oil Works from the air, Capertee Valley NSW

This derelict shale works are privately owned and tours are available each Saturday at 2pm from the gates

18 February 2011

Capertee Valley, photo from Pearsons Lookout

Prominent in the photo is Pantonys Crown, probably the crown referred to in Henry Lawson's poem 'Song of the old bullock driver'.

14 February 2011

View of two valleys

Top left, The Nile, on the left is the Capertee Valley and on the right is the Wolgan Valley.

08 February 2011

Is This Mining?

While outside the Capertee Valley, this photo was taken South heading towards Lithgow.  I understand that the rock fall is the result of longwall mining.