20 March 2015


Sofala NSW in March.

This play acting represents the rebellious miner who refuses to purchase a miner licence.  The (evil) redcoats have apprehended this poor miner and will presumably throw him in the gaol.

Lots of fun with gunfire and colour. Cobb and Co coach, blacksmith and more

Will go again next March

We were apprehended for not having a licence, penalty for ladies is to be dragged bare topped in the town.

05 March 2015

Airly Village Walk

A day walk through the ruins of the Airly Village which was once a thriving mining settlement.  Located within the Murii Murum-ban State Conservation Area on Glen Davis Road about 5 kms from Capertee

15 December 2014

Storms Over the Capertee Valley, photos by Virginia Hollister

Photos taken from Pearsons Lookout.  A few minutes later, storm drifting east and second storm converging.