26 November 2012

Volunteer Fire Fighters Training Night

Members of Bogee, Rylstone and Clandulla Rural Fire Brigades (RFS) attended a training night at the Bogee RFS shed this week to be trained in fire fighting where flammable liquids are involved.  It also enabled the fire fighters to practice use of  equipment at night.

Each fire fighter had the opportunity to 'have a go'.  The Bogee training officer had his junior trainees from Kandos High School take part.

Its good to know that our volunteers are fully qualified to meet almost any eventuality.  Over 50 volunteer fire fighters were present  The 'car' is merely a shell specially designed and has gas pipes attached and gas is relesed into the vehicle from a gas cylinder nearby.  The training unit arrives on a vehicle trailer.

Thank you 'firies' and thank you Bogee RFS for being so proactive.