27 January 2011


Just one of the many farming products of the Capertee Valley

26 January 2011

08 January 2011

05 January 2011

Train Driver Zig Zag Railway

Asked if he was having as much fun as the kids, he could not decide.

04 January 2011

Capertee Valley Helicopter coming in to land at Capertee

Just the thing for a summer day, a helicopter look over the Capertee Valley, valley of a thousand views.

02 January 2011

Tree Planter, Regent Honey Eater Recovery Program

Twice a year, volunteers visit the Capertee Valley and plant tress on private properties.  This is carried out under a project to preserve the endangered Regent Honey eater.  Trees are paid for by the NSW Government.   It is fascinating to see over 100 volunteers move over a paddock planting small trees in prepared 'rip lines'..

01 January 2011

Young Limosin Bulls

Cattle is the mainstay of farming in the Capertee Valley with over 6,00 cattle movements each year.