26 October 2011

Wedgetail eagles nest, photo by Glenda Gorrell

I took these photos last Saturday at a location not far from home.
The Wedge Tail Eagle nests here every year and rears two chicks
Only one is visible as I had difficulty climbing down the escarpment. 

12 October 2011

Echidna in the Capertee Valley

Rare that I have been able to see an Echidna not curled up in a spiky ball.

01 October 2011

Winners of 2011 Capertee Challenge, Capertee Valley NSW

Winners of the 2011 Capertee Challenge, 1st was Adam  Keithley No 1 and  2nd was Ben Pirie No 14  both from Mudgee, NSW.

 3rd   was Mike Ford No 5  from Sydney, 

 1st Female  Kerrie Hile No 24 from Dungog} and
 1st  Social Course was Tony Shaw No 16

note the cameras on the helmets, enough battery for about 3 hours filming